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Get paid in LTC and XMR
- 0,10% payout threshold
- Price per Gb is 0,10$      
- Refferal system               

Secure Data

Our top priority is your safety
- Advanced backend security
- Monitoring of data               
- Consistently updates           


Have an issue or a question?
- Support Team     
- Ticketing system
- Experts                

About Us

This service has been created to offer you dependable and fast proxies and enabling you to generate passive income!

This is CloudCollab

At Cloudcollab, we strive to provide the best possible premium experience for our clients and peers. Every detail is handled with professionalism.

We prioritize the safety of our users. If you encounter any problems, please feel free to open a ticket on our discord server.

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Expert Management

Our team strives to process tickets and orders as quickly as possible.

Secure Earning

We offer the highest level of security to our peers to ensure that your hard-earned income is protected in our care.

Happy Customers

Ensuring the best experience for our customers is our main priority at cloudcollab!

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CloudCollab Owner


Full stack, Application Developer


Website Developer



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